Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Much has happened in the last 3 years to conform my work over the last "years"...

The connection to "Prof's and Dr with an interest in Energy Medicine plus the wish and need
to progress my own work into the field of the Human body itself has been important.
After writing E-mails and sensing they are not really going further and the fact that because of the
cultural changes which might be considered in the meantime to have to do with Solar changes effecting our very "earth skin" within the electromagnetic waves and vibrations then it seens right to be more open ...

This becomes a "blog" into "thin air" or shall we say the "vacuums" that force consciousness and if it does not work then we are "ill" either physically or mentally!  This is a questionable point because even the idea of "winter colds" and sudden body "feeling" changes appear to be partly realised within the psychic effect of those around...

Science is also a problem because it may not be "realistic" to life and even death or...
Our everyday life working on us consciously and subconsciously works on experience that only trained or personally important aspects are made real... IF we are not careful we become Orwellian monsters taking
others apart and putting them in camps mentally and then physically which should not be so ridgid... The other argument is that without a difference (shall we call it "relative vacuum" out there then we do
not progress!  On the other side what we create with and for changes because the changing "Cosmos" puts naturally different holographic pressures on us to change... but the reason is not human but within
the roots of nature it/her/him self depending on the "polarity change" of the mental and physical spaces we are working in...

Even so there are key sounds and symbols which make the "new" observer ask the question what are you doing to me... they loose "self consciousness" and fall into an effect you talk about as we bring the
"nerves + sense organs" into a state that borders the "anti-material" mechanism ... we have the photos from CERN already there...  (My contact to "CERN" and to Prof Wunck who worked with Heisenberg himself
confirm I am most likely "right"!)
The question is if the idea of physical building without a further "Holistic and holographic Model" can mean we do not know the effects of the vibrations on the human conscious brain's working because it appears very open to these particles which are producing with "another purpose" which can filter into our very conscious, intellectual modelling on the "felt, vibrational" level.

So is the reason for my Workshops and Books etc... that we first become aware of ourselves and what the core cosmos and our place on Earth is telling us and we do not try and manipulate as we are doing
whether in business or science telling each other what is good or pulling it apart because it is part of our business as role model...

This is not conscious or consciousness but being manipulative without the conscious understanding and knowledge what is really going on we soon loose our way in "illness" because the "balance" and "source"
disappear... the old traditions in east and west give us a clue to this...

I hope this is making you look into a cooking pot or is that a "hexenkessel"... You mention about this area of research in various of your blogs! But is it only as a matter of fact and not as an understanding really or !

With my double-blind "feel" of the homeopathy and then my work with sound-vibrations and the "human feel" then after 25 plus years I sense I know where I am going!... The Homeopathy lies on the boundary of the
"anti and material world that certain "Physical sciences" have already found in how liquids already behave... Symbols and natural form and mental intellectual words and diagrams go together (:))

I think I am never complete...
You like others to be complete or what is that please?

Kind regards

PS maybe I place this all anonymously in my own Blog which I started
years ago...
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