Monday, March 28, 2005


Spaces are not Spaces

Placing a few ideas and links was the idea that maybe one could actually make mountains out of mole hills! One should learn to develop them and exchange them yet often we have to ask if they are ours or just odd things that need explaining but can be placed in our museum again?

Many years ago .. it feels like a generation or two but in fact it is the early 80's I pondered ideas that were pretty strange to many but in the meanwhile after being supported from this and that person one starts to realise that maybe there is a chance of creating a look in rather than something that one feels one is on the look out and have to defend every word and every gesture.... The look in here would be that I have developed from these deeper vibrations those ideas that might make a life line which can be brought to others... are you curious? Then ask me please....!

Now the idea that spaces are not spaces.... whether that be the fact our brains have idea where ideas go on inside or even go round and round or the fact we can get an idea of a place by feeling it out started with the idea that one can change certain aspects of our world just by sensing our very fine levels or perception using the very "air we breathe" or those very fine aromas we might use in natural medicine but that the finest of words mentally thought make us so quiet that we can actually create effects we should use piece by piece ... We have to be prepared to use "sacred geometry" as it was supposed to be used and nit just as a piece of belief to be held for all time but find we cannot find anything very much...!

Another interest was that by changing our spatial position only slightly we can stimulate the senses to find a more holistic wedge although we do not need to prance around like an ape. By using this we can bring life and death to our ideas but we need to be open to sound resonances and rhythms ... How normal are you in your movements and how flexible are you to use spaces so they give answers...?

All these things I have and go on experiencing for over 20 years but they allow a way to turn them into facts or into creative imagination!

I am wondering just how many people realise the energy and creative talents they are holding but they do not refine their personal development and try harder through opening their horizons and levels so they go places in a softer manner. We know what often happens with the hard method.. it appears to run into cycles and reactive fashioins where we start to say ... we live in a world where change gets faster and faster and we have to just put up with that... but we can add to the reality so we can feel a messages inner reality and know its real purpose.... the idea of the Holy Grail...


Where do we go from here

Sometimes you stand in front of forms or the screen and shake the head and ask where do we go from here!
It appears like brickwall or like an empty space ... one asks if it is worth it .... yet one carries one like I have done over the last 20 or more years with the strange idea (or not) that spaces are not empty and one does not come to the end of the line because new doors open or old ideas suddenly become welcoming....

After my house design business went down the drain in the middle of 2002 because of the economic downturn and the internet idea of panorama pictures and maps and a skeleton form for the internet took no roots after the shock that the Net was not everything ... then one goes back to the old ideas with the music and sounds in the studio and one carries on editing thousands of pages of text on the fact that "Space is Intelligent" ... the laws behind the subject are those of the Quantum world on one side and the material world appears only to be the tip of the "iceberg" just like our money system is like a dog waiting for his bone when he has done the right tricks .. one wonders here where one finds the right tricks when the world appears to turn turtle every few years !

In these pages I like to open a clean page by asking of those who wish to create another "turn-over page" are you working to make a "forceful" approach or in fact is your mind so energy full that we only need to give a little push and we appear to be "there" ... It appears to be like luck yet the mind can spring over mountains and be given illusions from the next door neighbours's dreamings!

Mayn years ago I found myself with people who were experimenting making their own homeopathic medication ! I suddenly found I could read the energies in the little bottles so I put this into good use by taking other's questions on little pieces of paper and reading the energetic results .... it appears so many people could be made aware of these without using their own intuition .... that is when one starts to state that spaces are not spaces

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