Thursday, January 15, 2009


PIP + RFI are photo techniques to show body energy

It is amazing to meet this technology again after several years knowing about it and then seeing pictures of it actually working. Back in the 80's as I have stated I used to do healing work and these are the energies I could feel and work with and how one can see them.

What is more important is that the human being can read/ feel these energies and then say where they are linked to in the body and even to events.. These must be the very energies and so consciousnesses I have been working on for years in my Universal, Developmental and Body-Pivot Consciousness Cycles! These link to the very astrological energies I worked on after learning astrology in 1986, a specially form of esoteric astrology which I then developed into a "double pyramid" form as the real life aspects of how existence works!

I have seen that this photography are in fact Bio-photons ... this is something I have stated in my writings as to how the body works with energy and senses to create this external physical reality...

The machine I have found is under the web address

My own site is under and

Would any one like to feed back their reaction to all this important work!

It should be possible to show that changing the room position together with using special sounds and rhythms that these Bio-photons can be changed...

Does any one near me have a machine like this where this special point can be checked out?


Thursday, January 01, 2009


Looking for Ideas, Finding that resonance

Since my first postings it appears just too long ... much has been developed to say the least to link experience.

What is important is to state what is being offered..

On one side I am giving piano and keyboard concerts. They are improvisations of the moment meaning that the space, the environment and the cosmic clock work to conjure an atmosphere that is a "bit special"... If you would like my services to create something special then please get in touch... this comes as personal appearances but if not then I can create an mp3 download to meet your occassion... !

As even I'm still involved as the ideas person, giving that important resonance to allow those to take the next steps when life is falling apart or the ways appear just too much and too many... a path is open for you that is important...

I and my good friend, Julian Scutts.... are developing a film story board on these special subjects that include the Da Vinci Codex, the Holy Grail and all those exciting realities that will always give something of a mystery because that is existence... we need to latch on to forms, symbols, values that mean something to us but also latch onto an environment that works into a real future...

It is true we cannot have everything and just as is stated in Quantum Laws at certain stages we cannot have "movement + progression" and at the same time "detail + precision" because we have to have links and heavens that are socially aware... we stay with our own kind... Yet the world is changing so radically that we need to go back to basics... please ask me ... !


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